One of Bovada’s biggest poker events is the Black Diamond Poker Open, a competitive multi-event tournament starting on February 9th, 2014. The prize pool is guaranteed at over $3 million, and with over 200 events scheduled, there’s a very real possibility that you could win a share of it. Things will wrap up by April 13th, but if you want to get into the big $2.5 million Championship Series, you will need to act soon. There are qualifiers beforehand that you will need to play in in order to get into the big game. This starts on March 22nd and runs until the end date.

This is shaping up to be one of the hottest events in online poker right now. All you have to do to get started is open up an account, or just use your existing account. Sign up for a qualifier, and try your best. Qualifiers can start as low as $1.10 to enter–which is dirt cheap when you consider just how much money you can actually win in the end. If you want to skip qualifiers and satellites, you can enter some events directly for only $3.30, depending on the stakes you wish to play and the size of the field.
Play the Black Diamond Poker Open
The cool thing here is that because there’s so much action, even a relatively new or inexperienced player can find something that they can do well in. There are a couple approaches to tournament success, and depending upon who you’re playing against, either could be beneficial to you. The main thing about finishing in the money is survival. So this would imply staying in the game as long as possible, which you can often accomplish by playing fewer hands than you might normally in a ring game. The inverse side of this is that you need to have chips to stay alive, and because of blinds and forced antes later on, you will need to get as many chips as possible. Therefore, the best way to approach this is to play as few hands as possible, but make the most of the ones you do play. Adopt a style that encourages your opponents to chase bad hands and throw away chips easily. It’s tough to do this sometimes, and it’s certainly not guaranteed to work, but when you can successfully do it as a natural part of your play, you will find that you are now going a lot deeper into tourneys than ever before, even a big one like the Black Diamond Poker Open.

Bovada has long been at the forefront of the online poker industry, but since their reorganization a few years ago, they have not had that one huge event to attract a lot of new clients. This looks like it will be accomplished come the final event of the BDPO. There’s a ton of opportunity here for new and pro players alike in a variety of different game structures and stakes. Most of the games here are No Limit Hold ‘em, but for those that specialize in other games–namely Pot Limit Omaha–there are other chances to do well, too. This promising event has a lot of potential for the site increasing their business, but more importantly, players will benefit in a big way too because of the extremely low cost of entry and the potential for huge winnings in return.