PokerStars ( has long been, and continues to be, one of the world’s largest sites dedicated solely to online poker. One of the first things you will find with this site is that they take good care of their customers. When you first fund your account, they will automatically credit an extra $20 to it. That doesn’t include any bonuses you might earn in the future. There’s also a 100 percent matching bonus on your first deposit instead, up to $600. Just use the code “STARS600” to claim it. Unlike many other sites, they give you three deposits over the course of 60 days to claim the full amount if you decide you don’t want to deposit all $600 before you try the site. This is a huge thing for you since it helps you make sure that you will enjoy and be profitable at the site before you fully commit.
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Earning out your bonus is actually pretty easy. For every $1 you spend on rake or tournament fees, you earn 5.5 VIP Player Points. Earn enough of these, and your bonus cash is now yours to withdraw and do what you wish with. You can keep it for poker, or save up for a child’s college education, or anything in between. 200 VPPs will give you $10 in unlocked cash, available in $10 increments.

Getting the Most Out of Poker

PokerStars is a bit different from the other poker rooms on the internet right now. For one, they have been on the receiving end of legal actions by the U.S. government and they are still operating, which is actually a good thing for them. While they may not be able to accept customers from the U.S. right now, they are still very reputable throughout the rest of the world despite all of the scrutiny that they’ve received over the past several years. So while some people might see the actions against them as a ding on their record, the fact that they are a clean and safe site should now be very obvious for this exact reason.

Once you have a funded account, it’s time to turn that cash into even more cash. With a plethora of freerolls available, this shouldn’t be too hard to do. And because there is no risk to you, there is no downside except the time you spend playing. If you finish in the money, the cash is yours right away, and you don’t need to invest a penny if you do not wish to.

Funding an account is really easy. You can do so from your Android or iPhone, even, which is something that many other sites do not yet allow. The future of online gaming is mobile, and PokerStars has already fully embraced this by letting you do financial transactions from a smartphone, too. You can use a credit card in most instances, and since these go through instantly, this is the fastest and most hassle-free way to get started. They’re also really easy to use from a mobile client, so it’s probably the best way. You can also use a wire transfer, but this can take a few days sometimes.

The best part of for the serious player is that you will never grow bored here. They have the widest selection of games anywhere at many different stakes levels, including many favorites like Texas Hold ‘em, Stud, and Omaha. They also have a lot of hard to find games such as Courchevel, Razz, and Badugi. This alone makes PokerStars one of the biggest and best authorities within the online poker room community. A lot of these games are advanced, so they’re not really a good place to start, but once you learn the basics, they can be a ton of fun.