Poker is a game of patience. But patience alone will not win you anything. You also need to know when to attack with a swift and unanticipated tactical strike. When you learn to do this successfully, you will see that your winnings begin to go up in a dramatic fashion. A lot of the poker world refers to this as being a tight-aggressive player, but in reality it doesn’t matter what you call it as long as you can do it right. One of the great things about playing online is that you don’t have to use the poker face while you’re setting up a play like this. You can be laughing, grinning, even shouting when you drop the big bets at the right times.

What does matter is your end result. That’s one of the reasons why online poker became so popular in the first place; it gives people a huge opportunity to make a lot more money. For some, this means the ability to sit and play whenever is convenient for them without having to travel. And for others, it means being able to play at more than one table all the time. For many others, the allure of playing enough to earn top bonuses is enough to keep them always on the lookout for the next top site. It really doesn’t matter how you make your money, just that you are doing it.

That’s why patience is so important to the game. If you are quick to act and you haven’t thought things through, you stand a far greater chance of losing money than of making it. Even if you’re playing at a short-handed table, the odds are not in your favor if you play too many hands. This is a rookie mistake, but even veterans keep on making it. You need to wait until the time is right and then bet. Even at a five person table, if you are playing more than 20 percent of your hands, you are playing too much and not being patient. It makes sense, actually. If there are five people, you will statistically have the best hand 1 out of 5 times, or 20 percent. So you need to acknowledge this and play accordingly. The more people at the table, the fewer hands you should play.

Online poker is especially tricky for some people because they think that frequent bluffing will win more. And it might at some tables, but on average, frequent bluffing loses a lot more than it gains. So be patient, bet at only the right times, and take advantage of your money making system. At the root of all of this is an ability to master the game of poker, so you need to make sure you are doing this. Even if you are maxing out your bonus cash on many sites including casino sites like the ones seen here, you’re losing too much money, you will never be able to withdraw that bonus. And if you’re multi-tabling with poor play, you’ll just lose money quicker. Patience is a virtue in life–as the saying goes–but it’s even more so if you want to be a profitable poker player.